Foundation & Structural Masonry

CMU – ASTM C90-11a

Load-bearing Concrete Masonry Units are made from hydraulic cement, water, and mineral aggregates. Design elements will impact additional materials needed for CMU installation; Water Penetrating Resistance (below-grade, wind driven rain) and Crack Control (restrained or differential movement) are two of the more impactful factors.

Central PA Commercial Masonry Contractor
Steel Reinforced Masonry
  • Tolerances of + or – 1/8″
  • Typical weight between 85 – 145 lb/cubic ft ea.
  • Used in coordination with steel reinforcement to achieve engineered compressive loads

CMU is often applied with a MASONRY VENEER SYSTEM in mind. Embedded Flashing, Anchors/Ties, and Lintels apply for differing scenarios. Cavities between CMU and Masonry Veneer can also incorporate further Waterproofing and Insulating products to address varying engineering needs.

CMU w/flashing system embedded for Masonry Veneer installation

CMU varies in 2 weights; Normal, and Lightweight. Design features like Texture, Bond, Finish, Color, Strength, Fire Rating, R-Value, and Acoustics can be available by the manufacture for incorporation into an intended design. Many design elements can also require additional materials for proper CMU installation.

Central PA Commercial Masonry Contractor
Hook & Eye Horizontal Joint Reinforcement for Veneer Reinforcement Installation

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