Non-Loadbearing Masonry Units are made of Portland cement, water, and aggregates; ending in a Hollow (cored) or Solid form. These are used interior partitions or exterior walls above grade with a flashing system applied and an anchoring system in place.

Multiple Masonry Veneer Systems installed; “accent bands” are a Smooth Face interrupting a Split Face finish

FACE BRICK (C652-11)

Face Brick are Hollow Masonry Units and are made from clay or shale. Central Pennsylvania is in a region where Type SW face brick are required. These units are fired to result a 3000psi strength rating and produce a high resistance to frost/weathering; where brick is likely to be frozen with water.

Face Brick Masonry Veneer systems in their modern form, incorporated overtop CMU backing w/flashing and anchoring systems; additionally cavity insulation incorporates a R-Value to lower energy waste from extreme outside temperatures.

All Masonry Veneer Systems require additional engineering and design to incorporate support systems/materials to be used in accordance with installation. FOUNDATION/STRUCTURAL MASONRY is typically used in coordination as a “backing” product to anchor into.

Typical Face Brick Veneer Anchor/Tie System
  • Anchors/Ties
  • Flashing Systems
  • Embedded Lintels (angle iron or greater)
  • Cavity Insulation/Waterproofing
  • Architectural Elements (bond, “accent bands”, face pattern/color, Fire Rating, R-Value,etc)

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