Experience Matters

Some things like Project Management can make or break a budget. Big projects with Multiple Primes, Prevailing Wages, and Substantial Completion Dates require a higher level of management. Lack of attention to Project Documents, Specifications, and Addenda can hurt the overall efficiency of the entire construction project.

After 30+ years of operation, the expertise displayed on the job site is also mirrored at the desks of our management team. From time to time Architects and Engineers generate a few oversights that can effect key project milestones; Economics play a large factor in Scheduling, Estimating, Contracts/Awards; Politics can shift the Construction Industry; other trades can slow the project down/generate costs; many things matter through the eyes of experience and ultimately will bring a project on time and on budget.

SFP, Inc. is one of Central Pennsylvania’s leading Commercial Masonry Contractors; averaging at $3+ million in business annually.

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