Division 4: Unit Masonry

Installation and Supply of Unit Masonry, Mortar/Grout, Horizontal/Vertical Reinforcement, Flashing Systems, Ties, & Miscellaneous Accessories as defined in the Project Documents.

SFP, Inc. will provide Materials, Labor, and furnish all Equipment necessary to complete the Scope Of Work.  Visit our information on FOUNDATION/STRUCTURAL MASONRY and MASONRY VENEER SYSTEMS to gain an overview of the Materials we install.

SFP, Inc. is one of Central Pennsylvania’s leading Commercial Masonry Contractors; averaging at $3+ million in business annually.  To learn more about Qualification Criteria, Systems/Operations, Skilled Labor Credentials, and Project Management Experience visit why EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

Contact ESTIMATING@SFPETERSINC.COM for Invitations, Requests, or More Information.